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Survey of Delivery Outcomes for Employees at MR Imaging Facilities in Japan Based on Information Recorded in the Maternal and Child Health Handbook by Sachiko Yamaguchi-Sekino

The effect of maternal occupational non-ionizing radiation (NIR) exposure from MRI on premature birth and low birth weight delivery was analyzed based on questionnaire survey (263 employees, 443 births). Although the highest occurrence rates of both outcomes were observed in the group whose NIR exposure occurred only before pregnancy, no statistical significance was detected.

Optimal Diet for Achieving Favorable Pregnancy Outcomes in East Asian Women-A Literature Review by Hidemi Takimoto

Ensuring nutritional adequacy during pregnancy is one of the necessary factors to achieve favorable pregnancy outcomes. In order to clarify the current optimal diet for achieving favorable pregnancy outcomes among East Asian women, we conducted a systemic literature review. English and Japanese articles were searched using PubMed and Igaku Chuo Zasshi. A total of 167…

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Executive summary of the SEEN (Sociedad Española de Endocrinología y Nutrición[Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition])-SEGO (Sociedad Española deGinecología y Obstetricia [Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics]) consensusdocument on the management of thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy by Inés Velasco

During pregnancy, thyroid function disorders are associated with multiple complications, both maternal and foetal. In recent years, numerous Clinical Practice Guidelines have been developed to facilitate the identification and correct management of thyroid disease in pregnant women. However, this proliferation of guidelines has led to confusion by proposing different cut-off points for reference values and…

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Determinants of the use of contraceptive methods by adolescents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: results of a cross-sectional survey by Dieudonné M Mpunga

CONCLUSION: The progress in the use of contraceptive methods by adolescent girls is not yet sufficient in the DRC. Socio-demographic factors, such as living in rural areas, poor knowledge of FP, and low-income are preventing teenagers from using FP methods. These findings highlight the need to fight against such barriers; and to make contraceptive services…

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Fetal pancreas size and maternal serum biomarkers glycated albumin and insulin-regulated aminopeptidase provide no potential for early prediction of gestational diabetes mellitus by Filiz Yarsilikal Guleroglu

CONCLUSION: The fetal pancreas size and maternal serum biomarkers GA and IRAP provide no potential for early prediction of GDM at the 20-22 weeks of gestation. Further studies, including serial measurement of these parameters during the second and third trimesters of GDM pregnancies, may clarify their role in the antenatal care of women with GDM.

Robot-assisted laparoscopic repair of cesarean scar defect: a systematic review of clinical evidence by Ioannis D Gkegkes

We aim to assess the available evidence concerning the robot-assisted repair of cesarean scar defect. A systematic PubMed and Scopus search was conducted. All databases were assessed up to May 23, 2022. Studies reporting data on robot-assisted repair of cesarean scar defect were included in this review. Data of 34 patients are presented. The mean…

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Body Mass Index, sex, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug medications, smoking and alcohol are differentially associated with World Health Organisation criteria and colorectal cancer risk in people with Serrated Polyposis Syndrome: an Australian case-control study by Emma Anthony

CONCLUSION: We identified novel risk and potential protective factors associated with SPS, some specific for certain WHO^(2010) criteria. Weekly use of NSAIDs may reduce the risk of CRC in people with SPS.

Neonatal eyelid penetration from insertion of a fetal scalp electrode: a case report by Brian T Cheng

CONCLUSION: Facial or brow presentation during delivery is rare but may increase the risk for misplacement of an FSE. Ultrasound verification of vertex position is warranted immediately prior to placing an FSE for patients at higher risk of facial or brow presentation. Periorbital edema of neonates may protect against damage to deeper structures. However, Ophthalmology…

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The association of serum total bile acid with new-onset hypertension during pregnancy by Weinan Deng

CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that maternal serum TBA in the normal range also might be a valuable biomarker for disease severity in preeclampsia and gestational hypertension. Additionally, our results also indicate associations of serum total bile acid levels in the normal range with an increased risk of fetal growth restriction and low birth weight among…

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