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The moderating effect of prefrontal response to sleep-related stimuli on the association between depression and sleep disturbance in insomnia disorder by Mi Hyun Lee

We investigated differences in brain activity in response to sleep-related pictures between chronic insomnia disorder (CID) patients and good sleepers (GS), and examined whether brain activity moderated the relationship between depressive symptoms and sleep disturbance in CID patients and GS. This study included 43 patients diagnosed with CID, based on the International Classification of Sleep…

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The mediating role of appraisal on health-related quality of life in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors by Renjun Gu

CONCLUSION: Appraisal, coping, and resilience could significantly mediate the effects of cancer and its treatment on the QoL of AYA cancer survivors. Future interventions targeting cognitive appraisals and psycho-behaviors will be helpful. Figuring out what matters to such a unique population and how they appraise a cancer diagnosis through treatment trajectories could help nurses adjust…

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Polyphenols: a route from bioavailability to bioactivity addressing potential health benefits to tackle human chronic diseases by Silvia Vivarelli

Chronic pathologies or non-communicable diseases (NCDs) include cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, neurological diseases, respiratory disorders and cancer. They are the leading global cause of human mortality and morbidity. Given their chronic nature, NCDs represent a growing social and economic burden, hence urging the need for ameliorating the existing preventive strategies, and for finding novel tackling…

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The Effectiveness of Psychoeducational Interventions on Caregiver-Oriented Outcomes in Caregivers of Adult cancer patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis by Grace Kusi

CONCLUSIONS: PEI may benefit caregivers of cancer patients through the significant effects on caregiver burden, quality of life, anxiety, and depression. The findings from the moderation analysis may be important for the design of future interventions. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Determining the reliable feature change in longitudinal radiomics studies: a methodological approach using the reliable change index by Cindy Xue

CONCLUSIONS: The RCI method was proposed for delta-radiomics and demonstrated using PCa MRgRT data. The RCI has advantages over some other statistical metrics commonly used in the previous delta-radiomics studies, and is useful to reliably identify the longitudinal radiomics feature change on an individual basis. This proposed RCI method should be helpful for the development…

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Prenatally detected intrascrotal testicular teratoma in an infant by Makoto Ishii

Although teratomas are the most common tumors in the testes of prepubertal children, prenatally detected testicular teratomas are extremely rare. To date, only six cases of prenatally detected testicular teratomas have been reported in the English literature. An intra-abdominal mass and an ipsilateral undescended testis were confirmed after birth in all six cases. Preservation of…

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Low Cardiorespiratory Fitness Post-COVID-19: A Narrative Review by Fabian Schwendinger

Patients recovering from COVID-19 often report symptoms of exhaustion, fatigue and dyspnoea and present with exercise intolerance persisting for months post-infection. Numerous studies investigated these sequelae and their possible underlying mechanisms using cardiopulmonary exercise testing. We aimed to provide an in-depth discussion as well as an overview of the contribution of selected organ systems to…

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Mapping development and health effects of cooking with solid fuels in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000-18: a geospatial modelling study by Local Burden of Disease Household Air Pollution Collaborators

BACKGROUND: More than 3 billion people do not have access to clean energy and primarily use solid fuels to cook. Use of solid fuels generates household air pollution, which was associated with more than 2 million deaths in 2019. Although local patterns in cooking vary systematically, subnational trends in use of solid fuels have yet…

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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Patterns of Prescription Opioid Use: A Retrospective Cohort Study of Adults Without a Cancer Diagnosis Initiating Opioids Using Administrative Claims Data by Anne-Marie Castilloux

CONCLUSIONS: Our findings showed that the COVID-19 lockdown had an impact on initial number of days’ supply, which is a risk factor for long-term use and ultimately opioid-related harm. However, over time, prescription practices and use reverted to those observed in the pre-pandemic period.