Category: Diagnostic radiology

Radiography using cosmic-ray electromagnetic showers and its application in hydrology by A Taketa

In-situ measurements of soil water content provide important constraints on local/global hydrology. We demonstrate that the attenuation of the underground flux of cosmic-ray electromagnetic (EM) particles can be used to monitor the variation of soil water content after rainfalls. We developed a detection system that preferably selects EM particles by considering the coincidence of distant…

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Adaptive simulation of 3D thermometry maps for interventional MR-guided tumor ablation using Pennes’ bioheat equation and isotherms by Julian Alpers

Minimally-invasive thermal ablation procedures have become clinically accepted treatment options for tumors and metastases. Continuous and reliable monitoring of volumetric heat distribution promises to be an important condition for successful outcomes. In this work, an adaptive bioheat transfer simulation of 3D thermometry maps is presented. Pennes’ equation model is updated according to temperature maps generated…

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Current research topics in FAPI theranostics: a bibliometric analysis by Andor F van den Hoven

CONCLUSION: FAPI research is rapidly expanding from diagnostic studies in malignancies and benign diseases to the first reports of salvage radionuclide therapy. The research activity needs to shift now from low-level-of-evidence case reports and series to prospectively designed studies in homogenous patient groups to provide evidence on how and in which clinical situations FAPI theranostics…

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Contrast-enhanced cine MR sequences in the assessment of myocardial hyperemia in acute myocarditis: can they help? A feasibility study by Jean-Pierre Laissy

The study was designed to assess the accuracy of contrast-enhanced balanced steady-state free precession (cine-SSFP) CMR imaging sequences to exhibit myocardial hyperemia in acute myocarditis, which has for a long time been investigated in some centers using early gadolinium enhancement (EGE) sequence. Contrast-enhanced cine-SSFP (CESSFP) sequences were compared to precontrast cine-SSFP sequences to calculate the…

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Preoperative embolization of renal cell carcinoma metastases to the bone prior to stabilization procedures does not result in reduction in intraoperative blood loss by Sebastian Koob

CONCLUSION: Based on our data, preoperative embolization of renal cell carcinoma metastases of the extremities had a negative effect on intraoperative blood loss and the need for fluid substitution and should therefore be avoided. Our data did not show an effect on stabilization procedures of the spine.

Interpretation of chest radiography in patients with known or suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection: what we learnt from comparison with computed tomography by Nicola Flor

Differently from computed tomography (CT), well-defined terminology for chest radiography (CXR) findings and standardized reporting in the setting of known or suspected COVID-19 are still lacking. We propose a revision of CXR major imaging findings in SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia derived from the comparison of CXR and CT, suggesting a precise and standardized terminology for CXR reporting.…

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