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Sex differences, asymmetry, and age-related white matter development in infants and 5-year-olds as assessed with tract-based spatial statistics by Venla Kumpulainen

The rapid white matter (WM) maturation of first years of life is followed by slower yet long-lasting development, accompanied by learning of more elaborate skills. By the age of 5 years, behavioural and cognitive differences between females and males, and functions associated with brain lateralization such as language skills are appearing. Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)…

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Efficacy of noninvasive high-frequency oscillatory ventilation versus nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation as post-extubation respiratory support in preterm infants: a Meta analysis by Hong-Ke Shi

CONCLUSIONS: Compared with NIPPV, NHFOV can effectively remove CO(2) and reduce the risk of reintubation, without increasing the incidence of complications such as BPD, air leak, nasal damage, PVL, and IVH, and therefore, it can be used as a sequential respiratory support mode for preterm infants after extubation.

Predicting Hearing aid Benefit Using Speech-Evoked Envelope Following Responses in Children With Hearing Loss by Vijayalakshmi Easwar

Electroencephalography could serve as an objective tool to evaluate hearing aid benefit in infants who are developmentally unable to participate in hearing tests. We investigated whether speech-evoked envelope following responses (EFRs), a type of electroencephalography-based measure, could predict improved audibility with the use of a hearing aid in children with mild-to-severe permanent, mainly sensorineural, hearing…

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Genetic analyses of chr11p15.5 region identify MUC5ACMUC5B associated with asthma-related phenotypes by Xingnan Li

Objective: Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have identified single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in chr11p15.5 region associated with asthma and idiopathic interstitial pneumonias (IIPs). We sought to identify functional genes for asthma by combining SNPs and mRNA expression in bronchial epithelial cells (BEC) in the Severe Asthma Research Program (SARP). Methods: Correlation analyses of mRNA expression of…

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Frailty in community-dwelling older adults: reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the Gérontopôle frailty screening tool by Serdar Ceylan

BACKGROUND: Recognizing frailty had a great importance in countries with an increasing geriatric population. The study aims to evaluate the reliability and validation of the Gérontopôle frailty screening tool (GFST), which was developed to screen frailty in the community-dwelling older adults, for the Turkish population.