Month: August 2022

Contrasting effects of sleep fragmentation and angiotensin-II treatment upon pro-inflammatory responses of mice by David C Ensminger

Disordered sleep promotes inflammation in brain and peripheral tissues, but the mechanisms that regulate these responses are poorly understood. One hypothesis is that activation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) from sleep loss elevates blood pressure to promote vascular sheer stress leading to inflammation. As catecholamines produced from SNS activation can directly regulate inflammation, we…

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Empowerment for behaviour change through social connections: a qualitative exploration of women’s preferences in preconception health promotion in the state of Victoria, Australia by Ruth Walker

CONCLUSIONS: Women valued their health and had a holistic view that includes physical, mental and social dimensions. Women viewed social connections with others as an opportunity to be listened to and to gain support that empowers behaviour change. Future interventions to promote behaviour change in preconception women should consider the importance all women placed on…

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Sleep apnea plays a more important role on sleep N3 stage than chronic tinnitus in adults by Hsin-Hao Tseng

Sleep apnea is negatively associated with N3 sleep in children. However, the association between tinnitus and sleep N3 stage was still inconclusive. We aimed to clarify the relationship between sleep apnea, chronic tinnitus, and sleep N3 stage in adults. Clinical and overnight polysomnography data of 2847 adults were collected retrospectively. Univariate and multivariate linear regression…

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Determinants of Asthma Attack Among Adult Asthmatic Patients Attending at Public Hospitals of West Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia, 2021: Case-Control Study by Shiferaw Megersa

CONCLUSION: In this study, upper respiratory tract infection, obstructive sleep apnea, passive smoker, spring season, kitchen smoke, pet ownership, rhinitis, and being jobless were identified as significant determinants of an asthma attack. Because asthma attacks are life-threatening events, effective methods and interventions on determinants of asthma attack incidence should be implemented.

A Nationally Representative Survey Assessing Restorative Sleep in US Adults by Rebecca Robbins

Restorative sleep is a commonly used term but a poorly defined construct. Few studies have assessed restorative sleep in nationally representative samples. We convened a panel of 7 expert physicians and researchers to evaluate and enhance available measures of restorative sleep. We then developed the revised Restorative Sleep Questionnaire (REST-Q), which comprises 9 items assessing…

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What Works for One May Not Work for Another: A New Warning for Modafinil by Harim Kim

Narcolepsy is a clinical syndrome of hypothalamic disorder characterized by several sleep-wake disorders. The most common features include daytime sleepiness associated with hallucinations (hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations) at the transition time of sleep-wake time, cataplexy or sudden loss of muscle tone, and sleep paralysis. We present a case of a patient affected with both narcolepsy…

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Retrospective cohort study of hypersomnias of central origin from two Australian tertiary sleep disorders services by Lachlan Stranks

CONCLUSIONS: Patients with hypersomnias of central origin assessed in 2 specialised Australian clinics demonstrate comparable clinical characteristics to other published cohorts internationally, however available pharmacological agents in Australia do not reflect international standards of care. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

One night of sleep deprivation induces release of small extracellular vesicles into circulation and promotes platelet activation by small EVs by Chongyue Wang

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are emerging as key players in intercellular communication. Few studies have focused on EV levels in subjects with sleep disorders. Here, we aimed to explore the role of acute sleep deprivation on the quantity and functionality of circulating EVs, and their tissue distribution. EVs were isolated by ultracentrifugation from the plasma of…

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