Month: August 2021

Mitochondrial Fragmentation Triggers Ineffective Hematopoiesis in Myelodysplastic Syndromes by Yasushige Aoyagi

Ineffective hematopoiesis is a fundamental process leading to the pathogenesis of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). However, the pathobiological mediators of ineffective hematopoiesis in MDS remain unclear. Here, we demonstrated that overwhelming mitochondrial fragmentation in mutant hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors (HSC/Ps) triggers ineffective hematopoiesis in MDS. Mouse modeling of CBL exon-deletion with RUNX1 mutants, previously unreported…

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The Type of Substance Use Mediates the Difference in the Odds of Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents of the United States by Saral Desai

Background Although the relationship between sexual risk behaviors and substance use has been established, It remains to be studied if different types of substances have differences in the odds of sexual risk behaviors. Therefore, we aimed to identify the prevalence of sexual risk behaviors in high school students of the United States (US) and study…

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Influence of upper limb training and analyzed muscles on estimate of physical activity during cereal grinding using saddle quern and rotary quern by Michal Struška

Experimental grinding has been used to study the relationship between human humeral robusticity and cereal grinding in the early Holocene. However, such replication studies raise two questions regarding the robusticity of the results: whether female nonathletes used in previous research are sufficiently comparable to early agricultural females, and whether previous analysis of muscle activation of…

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A genetic screen for Drosophila social isolation mutants and analysis of sex pistol by Mark Eddison

Prolonged periods of forced social isolation is detrimental to well-being, yet we know little about which genes regulate susceptibility to its effects. In the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, social isolation induces stark changes in behavior including increased aggression, locomotor activity, and resistance to ethanol sedation. To identify genes regulating sensitivity to isolation, I screened a…

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The histone methyltransferase Ezh2 restrains macrophage inflammatory responses by Gareth B Kitchen

Robust inflammatory responses are critical to survival following respiratory infection, with current attention focused on the clinical consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic. Epigenetic factors are increasingly recognized as important determinants of immune responses, and EZH2 is a prominent target due to the availability of highly specific and efficacious antagonists. However, very little is known about…

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Treatment of depression: Are psychotropic drugs appropriately dosed in women and in the elderly? Dosages of psychotropic drugs by sex and age in routine clinical practice by Waldemar Greil

CONCLUSION: Age appears to influence adjustment of dosage in most psychotropic drugs, but to a lower extent than data on age-related pharmacokinetics suggests. Although literature also suggests that lower dosages of psychotropic drugs may be appropriate for females, this study found women are usually prescribed the same dosage as men.